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In China, acrobatics is a time-honored and much loved tradition. Across the country, young children dream of being plucked from obscurity and thrust into the dazzling and glamorous world of professional acrobatics. But for the millions who aspire to become professional acrobats, only a handful will ever get the opportunity to realize their ambition. For those who are lucky enough to be chosen, life in a professional troupe means years of physical and emotional stress in return for the privilege of performing live. The Heilongjiang Bingshang Acrobatics and Dance Company places even greater demands on its oung performers, to perform their acrobatics on ice. Based in the northern city of Harbin; China’s “ice capital” for its residents, ice skating is second nature, and the Heilongjiang Bingshang Acrobatics and Dance Company is bringing their ice acrobatics all the way from Harbin, China to Branson, Missouri, in ICE-The Acrobats on Ice.

Heilongjiang Bingshang Acrobatics and Dance Company decided to combine the fine elements of figure skating and acrobatics, a natural combination for a troupe from Harbin, China where the rivers and lakes are frozen for much of the year, thus becoming China’s first ice skating acrobatic troupe ever. There are more than 30 young performers in the troupe now and they average 22 years of age. Each of them has a career background of at least 4 years of acrobatics training and 3 years of ice-skating training.

Thrilling acrobatics, and fabulous figure skating, are both big audience pleasers, but what would it be like to combine the two? The Heilongjiang Bingshang Acrobatics and Dance Company’s production , ICE-The Acrobats on Ice , has found the answer and they will share it with Branson audiences from July 12, 2019 through December 31, 2019. Their show on ice is a new and exciting variation of traditional acrobatics. The icy stage adds elements of body and movement controls never seen before. During the 2 hour performance the show on ice displays acrobatic stunts, skating, dance


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